Continuous Improvement: Training & Consulting

Champion Training

Lean Training & Consulting

Lean Training & Consulting


Continuous improvement implementations and training programs are successful when senior leaders understand the goals of the program and lead the initiative. We have a hard-hitting workshop so senior leaders understand their role, the critical metrics, and can ask the right questions of those attending training. Classroom or virtual training.

Lean Training & Consulting

Lean Training & Consulting

Lean Training & Consulting


Waste.  It comes in many forms - time, effort, supplies, and more.  All of these forms of waste are costing your organization lots of money. We can help.  But it's not just up to us to find them - we need to partner with your teams who are closest to the processes.

Change Management Training & Consulting

Change Management Training & Consulting

Change Management Training & Consulting


Change happens. We've supported teams through mergers, acquisitions, leadership changes and many other workplace shifts. Your employees experience change as individuals and we can help you on the micro and macro level - change management training courses, employee engagement strategies through M&A, or other scenarios. We can help design the right change strategies, communication plans, and training approaches to navigate the seas of change. 

Kaizen Events

Change Management Training & Consulting

Change Management Training & Consulting


Kaizen is the Japanese term for continuous improvement.  We gather one of your teams that's closest to a process that you'd like to improve and we facilitate a high-impact workshop and get measurable results. Team morale improves too. We can even train your teams to take the wheel and lead their own Kaizen events in the future.


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

How we're the same, how we're different...

Our curriculum is designed for learners from any industry. Our Facilitators, Master Black Belts and Leadership Experts,  use real-world examples throughout the training so that everything is relatable, relevant, and practical.   Our highly-interactive curriculum is designed with experiential learning acitivities that supports all types of learning - visual, auditory, and hands-on.  Participants will also arrive with a management-approved Six Sigma project that is measurable and realistic. Curriculum concepts are then applied to this real-world project throughout the learning.  

Real work is accomplished in the classroom. 

Yes, you'll find other providers for Six Sigma training. Many will teach the history of Six Sigma and the common tools and templates  like we do.  But we take our participants to the next level.  We add critical components to our training that help our participants become CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT LEADERS. They don't just know how to use some tools and templates when they leave our classroom - they  become leaders in your organization who can identify short- and long-term opportunities for cost avoidance , cost savings, streamlining processes, and safety improvements.  They can facilitate team Kaizen events, communicate the pressing need for improving and changing a process. They can use the  appropriate Lean and Six Sigma tools and templates and also have an understanding of  the necessary change management tools that support them.



TRAINING FORMAT:  8-days, Classroom - typically broken into 2 separate weeks (plus pre-work) 

 TARGET AUDIENCE:  Employees (even  your customers and suppliers) who are close to the processes and practices that you are trying to improve. (NOTE: For the leaders managers of the employees, we recommend they either attend this training for a thorough understanding or attend Champion training.)


  • Intro to Minitab - 2 Days, classroom (Minitab software needed. We can arrange  for your organization to get an account with Minitab). 
  • Advanced Statistics  -We find that many organizations do not need advanced statistics included at the Green Belt level because their participants will not need the knowledge for the tools to support their projects.  However, we do have an additional module available for participants that you identify who will use advanced statistics in their role. We can help you determine who, in your organization, is in this target audience.  2 Days, classroom. 

Customized Solutions

Our modular curriculum can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.  Our 8-day classroom content can also be broken into different modules to meet the needs of your teams (3 training days for 3 months in a row, for example).

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