Foundational Programs

Emerging Leaders


Millennials. They are new to the workplace. They will soon find their way into leadership roles and we need to prepare them by helping them understand their natural leadership abilities (and the blind spots that come along with them). Prepare your emerging leaders with our insightful training program that will ready them for leadership. 

Mid-Career Leaders


This is most of your workforce. They rely on their experience to make decisions. Sometimes they make good decisions, and sometimes they can make better decisions. With some coaching, mentoring, and targeted training, we'll take your workforce from good to great so they can consistently make great decisions. 

Executive Leaders


Your senior leaders are steering the ship. They're making decisions at every turn and need results. Our quick online assessment delivers results and two or three executive coaching sessions drives change and improvement in identified leadership competencies.

Emerging Program Components


Module-based Learning:

· Leveraging Your Strengths

· Managing Your Blind Spots

· What Motivates You at Work

· What Stresses  You at Work

· How to Delegate

· How to Coach

· Your Mentor & You

· Putting it Into Action

Mid-Career Program Components


Module-based Learning:

· Leveraging Your Strengths

· Managing Your Blind Spots

· Directing Others

· Delegating 

· Boss Relationships/Managing Up

· Improving Your Coaching Skills

· Your Mentor & You

· Putting it Into Action

Executive Program Components


Module-based Learning:

· Creating a Vision 

· Building Alignment

· Championing Execution

· Putting it Into Action

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