Unique Professional Development Curriculum

  • All of our content is modular (our workshops can be combined with our other workshops) 
  • We add a not-so-secret ingredient to each workshop (meditation to Emotional Intelligence, Feng Shui to Personal Productivity, to name a few)
  • We customize each workshop for your industry with real-world examples


New Program: Developing Emotional Intelligence

Understand, express, and manage your emotions at work.

In this motivating and interactive workshop, participants will complete individual and team activities, discover more about themselves, and leave with practical tips they can apply right away. 

All of our workshops are highly-interactive and experiential-based (they include multiple learning activities that support various learning styles - visual, audio, and hands-on - to keep learning effective, interesting, and enjoyable.

Topics include:

· Self-awareness

· Managing emotions

· Self-motivation

· Empathy

· Listening skills

· Mindfulness & Focus (avoiding distractions)

· Managing relationships

· Collaboration

Possible Formats: 

· Half day classroom (4 hours)

· Full day (8 hours, this version includes more robust discussion and more activities)

· Two 90-minute virtual sessions (best for national/global teams)

Praise for this workshop...

  “The session was fantastic!  Every ounce of feedback that we received (from participants) was so positive! Thank you so much for a wonderful session - it was enlightening, meaningful, and fun.” 

                                           Susan L.  - Mitsubishi

Trending Topics for SUmmer 2019

Directing & Delegating

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Coaching Skills for Leaders


 Leaders with direct reports discover their strengths and challenges when directing and delegating, and how to adapt their behavior to manage people more effectively. In this one-day classroom training, a 10-minute online DiSC Management assessment is completed as pre-work. A customized report is provided to each participant during the training.  

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Coaching Skills for Leaders


 This foundational classroom training is designed for new and seasoned leaders. It includes practical curriculum and practice activities that helps participants learn the supportive and motivating language of coaching.  

Powerful Presentation Skills

Powerful Presentation Skills

Powerful Presentation Skills


Take your presentation skills from so-so to powerful. Get your audiences to take action! With modules like Increasing Your Vocal Energy to Handling Audience Questions and Amazing Closing Statements, participants will leave more confident when interacting with colleagues, executives, and customers.

Navigating Change

Powerful Presentation Skills

Powerful Presentation Skills


Change happens.  Sometimes we can anticipate changes at work and sometimes we can't. But we CAN learn change management strategies and tools and be proactive and anticipate some changes. We can also better prepare emotionally when we study change management principles. This powerful course includes a personal assessment about how you experience  workplace change.

Personal Productivity

Powerful Presentation Skills

Boosting Your Happiness at Work


Time management classes are so 1990's. Now it's all about managing your mind, body, and spirit while you're at work. This modular course can be in the classroom or virtual and helps participants replace bad habits that threaten productivity and replaces them with fresh, new ones that boost productivity and get results. 

Boosting Your Happiness at Work

Boosting Your Happiness at Work

Boosting Your Happiness at Work


Positive Psychology is a hot topic right now and it's hitting the workplace too. We've applied the principles of this emerging field and created ten simple ways that employees can discover more happiness in their workplace. Participants leave with an action plan so they can apply what they learned right away. This is a classroom or virtual training.

Meetings That Matter

Boosting Your Happiness at Work

New Leader Assimilation


What percentage of your meetings are really high-impact? We can help you increase this number. In this classroom or virtual training, participants will learn the principles that translate into productive meetings that leave attendees both informed and energized! You'll learn some out-of-the-box ideas and be the office hero because you'll get a reputation for leading high-impact meetings. 

New Leader Assimilation

Boosting Your Happiness at Work

New Leader Assimilation


To reduce the learning curve, book a half-day session with us for your team. This reduces the time it takes for a team to get to know its leader, the time it takes for a leader to get to know his/her team, and it also helps to surface some team ideas/concerns/improvements. Half-day, classroom workshop. Additional professional development training can be added.

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